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What is a Bookkeeper?

The simple explanation is someone who keeps “the books” for a business. Every business – no matter the size – has to keep books for a business in the UK – it’s the law! A one-man band self-employed person is a business and, like all small, medium and very large companies, will need a bookkeeper in some form or another.

The books of the business, put simply, are the recording of money coming in and money going out of the business. These records are called bookkeeping and the person that carries out this task is the bookkeeper.

What does a Bookkeeper actually do?

A bookkeeper keeps the financial transaction records for the business. A simple form of bookkeeping, for example, is that needed by a driving instructor. He or she has income coming in from the people taking lessons and then has expenses such as petrol, car insurance, the cost of maintaining the car and perhaps phone bills and advertising.

The recording of all these transactions – whether the money comes in or out through cash or the bank – is bookkeeping. The person who does this recording on a regular basis is called a bookkeeper. In the example above the driving instructor themselves may do their own bookkeeping if they have the time and the desire to learn how to do this.

The larger the business the more financial transactions it may have to record. It may have staff and therefore payroll would be needed. They may be VAT registered in which case VAT returns will need to be prepared and submitted to HMRC. Each business will potentially have different requirements, but it is the job of the bookkeeper to record all the financial transactions.

How to become a bookkeeper?

Are you setting up a start-up company or are you already a business owner?

If that’s you there is lots of information on this site to help you. Perhaps start with the books page at the link below.

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Do you want to be a bookkeeper ? Firstly I would suggest you decide if you want to be an employed bookkeeper on a salary where you may get training on the job.

Or do you want to be self-employed and maybe freelance part time?

Training Options

Are you an existing bookkeeper wanting to up-skill or return to work? Do you want to work part-time from home? Perhaps you are interested in learning new skills to become a book-keeper?

Take a look at the training page for more information.

Training Options

Is an accountant a bookkeeper?

Although the common assumption is that they are the same job, they are in fact quite different. Most people either don’t know what a bookkeeper does or wrongly assume that this is what their accountant does for them.

It can sometimes be the case that an accountant offers a book-keeping service or actually does the books for you. Sometimes a one-man self-employed accountant would indeed carry out the book-keeping tasks but, generally speaking, you will need both a book-keeper and an accountant.

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