Marketing Superpowers for Bookkeepers and Accountants

I am thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar with the wonderful Amanda C. Watts on 7th October at 11am. Please register your interest here.

I am a member of her Momentum program and can thoroughly recommend it, it has most definitely supercharged my practice. Be sure to register for this webinar as Amanda is always full of great ideas to get more of the right type of clients.


Amanda C. Watts gives sales and marketing superpowers to accounting firms.

She noticed that accounting firms were being overlooked, compliance based and decaying, and that commoditisation is their Kryptonite.

When Amanda is not out sharing her superpowers, she is a speaker, entrepreneur, Amazon best-seller and the author of The Pioneering Practice. Since 2009 Amanda has helped over 1000 companies launch or grow through her firm, her work with Richard Branson’s Virgin Start-Up, and training and mentoring. 

Amanda marketing programmes eliminate the confusion and overwhelm that many partners suffer from, and they no longer focus on merely being functional. They attract higher value clients and become VITAL.

Amanda’s clients are some of the fastest growing accounting firms around and she has helped them achieve higher revenue with fewer clients.


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