The five biggest problems stopping bookkeepers from having a profitable business

Bookkeepers do you work really, really hard for many hours crunching away at those numbers? Do you have ungrateful clients who don’t appreciate all the things you do for them? Are you ‘just the bookkeeper”?

You are not alone – this happens to a large percentage of really good, well qualified bookkeepers. Are you working hard and just getting by financially? Would you like to be rewarded properly for all that you do?

What are the five biggest problems stopping you from having a profitable business?

Lack of niche marketing

Pretty sure you will have heard of niche marketing. But do you know what it is and are you doing it? Niche marketing is aiming your marketing messages at a particular client type. You niche your marketing – not your practice.

The way to find your niche is to look at your current client bank if you have one. Who are the clients you like working with best? What do they do? Do they pay you on time? What is the work you do for them?

If you can spend some time on really identifying your “ideal client” this will  help you market to them. You will get the right type of clients to work with and be more profitable.

If you prefer doing a particular type of work that is different – maybe credit control –  niche this rather than the type of client themselves. You want to be able to be very clear about who it is you are talking to. Make your marketing talk directly to your ideal client or your niche sector.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Not knowing where to find your ideal client

The answer to this relates to your ideal client. Where do they hang out? Is it LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Do your research and ask any clients that you already have. Let’s say that you want to work with owners of construction companies – are they hanging out on social media? What time of the day are they active?

Once you have done your research you can then start to get your messages, posts and videos onto that platform. Videos are particularly good for standing out. Make your message talk to your audience.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Not standing out from other bookkeepers

What makes you different? Using the above example – I am a construction business owner and I am looking for a bookkeeper. A quick Google gives me 1000s all looking much the same.

Imagine if I see a great message about you being the expert for construction business owners. You seem to understand all my problems and have the expertise to solve them- who am I going to pick? Think about the message that you are putting out there. What makes you different? Don’t list all the services you offer – everyone does that.

Try to identify your ideal client’s problems and then put messages out as to how you can help them solve those issues. Post testimonials from your ideal clients. If you don’t have any – go back and ask for some!

Make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Not having a clear offering

Are you offering a list of services that can be bought anywhere? If so you will be competing on price. Why not list the problems that you can solve and explain in more detail about how you can help. List the benefits rather than the features. No one wants to buy cashflow forecasting – but they do want to know where their business is heading and whether or not they are going to run out of money.

Be clear in what problems you are solving and in particular relate it to your niche marketing sector.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Not charging enough

Are you still charging by the hour? This is why you are under-valued. Selling an hour of your time is asking for a comparison to be made against other hourly fee charges. You might charge £35 per hour and your client might pay £15 an hour for a cleaner. They are then making an unfair comparison.

A client wants to buy your expertise – not your time. They don’t care how long it takes you to do something – only that it is done, and done well.

Make your value very clear by making the above four changes and then charge by the project. If you can, offer 3 different packages at 3 different prices. This gives the client more choice. There is a lot of information on Value Pricing available – take a look on YouTube.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd.


If you implement all of the above and be super clear on who you are talking to with your marketing you will find that you will become more profitable and have more time.

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